Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School Night

Here are the remaining pics from last week.  I have no idea what took me so long.  There is only one day left for the week and I have like 1000 pics to share from the weekend.  Luckily we don't have much going on this weekend so hopefully I will catch up next week.  We went to Aden's school tonight for an ice cream social. That was fun.  It's such a small school we are really getting to know everyone.  The twins were passed around, which was fine with me. Easier to eat ice cream!

Ariel's first real soccer practice for CRUSA.
Sammy is on her team!
 My little soccer star.
 Ali and Todd.
 Of course Ariel was one of the smallest there.

 Some action shots.

 Their first game is this Saturday.
 Then we had to run to Aden's practice across the street.  
 I think I mentioned it but almost the entire team is Aden's buddies.  So we had a lot of people to talk to.

 Someone is awake.
The coach is the tattoo guy.  

 It was a pretty intense workout.

Soon enough!
Cute!  Grandpa prefers girls but I think he can't resist the twins.
 Push me!
 Next Summer they will really love this.

 Noah's turn.
 This was the first time Eli sat up on his own and I caught it!
 Getting big!

 Chocolate chip pancakes at Charcoal in Yardley.
 Some more sitting.

 I think Ariel is regressing a bit.

 Back to school night for Aden was the second day of school!  We sat in those tiny chairs and listened to the outline of what's to come. 
These were in his folder.

 On the bulletin board.

 Ariel had a playdate with Ashely.
 Eli was all ready for his 6 month checkup.  All healthy.
 Noah's turn.

He started sitting up a few days later.  This was the first thing that Eli beat Noah on.  Noah was healthy too!

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