Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Do We Like Chuck E Cheese?

It's Wednesday night and we are exhausted.  Last night neither Noah, Eli or Ariel slept very much.  Ariel was under me most of the night.  Then Eli cried all day today.  We think his cold was really bothering him so we weren't able to go to Yom Kippur services or rest at all. It didn't help that I was fasting all day.  We broke the fast at Amy's parent's.  That was nice but the babies were pretty cranky.  Nathan was there and took care of all the smiling for everyone.  All 4 kids are asleep now but I have a bad feeling about later. 

Back to Saturday.  After Aden's game, we had Ariel's.  Sammy and Ariel were happy to see each other.
Practice was pretty intense.  Lots of running.

 Ariel seemed to be enjoying herself.
 I'm too tired to come up with anything witty for the next few pics.

A well earned ice cream for both of them.
Did you have fun Eli?
That night we had Ariel's friend Charlie's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  Ariel had fun with the games but was pretty terrified of Chuck E Cheese himself.  Luckily there was only Charlie's party so Chuck was not around that much.

 Then she wanted to climb around this thing.
She had a lot of trouble getting up and I couldn't get in there so her friend Olivia, who is even smaller than her, pulled her up!

That's Olivia.
 Small group.  The pizza there is pretty nasty.
 Look who got brave all the sudden!

 Ariel and Olivia danced for the boys.
 Charlie's mom in the ticket booth.
  Fun time.

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