Thursday, September 17, 2015

Push Over the Blocks

It's Thursday night.  Both the twins have colds.  Noah didn't sleep last night and is spitting everything up.  Tonight we are separating them.  We have Noah in a pack n play in our room.  Hopefully someone will get a good night's sleep.  

Back to last Saturday.  Ariel and I ran from Aden's game to her's across the street and up the huge hill at Richboro Elementary.  She was excited to see we were playing Nicky's team.
Fraternizing with the enemy!
Now she's getting focused on the game.
 Pep talk.
 Let's go!

Sammy played great.
 Todd, Ali and Nate.
 We have Sammy's 4th birthday party this weekend!
 Ariel is just like Aden at this age.  They have a 1/2 hour practice then a half hour game.  The kids run around so much at practice that they have nothing left in them for the game.  After a while, I used to just show up a half hour late so Aden could play the games!  I might have to do the same with Ariel.
Here comes Amy, Ariel and the twins up the huge hill!
Just in time for the end the of the game.  
Good game guys!
Eli's first soft pretzel.  Loved it!
The only way we could get the kids off the playground was to get them ice cream!
Well that was a crazy morning.
 Ariel had a playdate across the street.
 This girl is in kindergarten but Ariel totally ran the show.

 A quiet Saturday night.  
 We love watching the big kids play with the little ones.
 Such a good sitter!
 I love the look on Eli's face.

 Sunday morning I cooked banana pancakes just so I could taste my very hard to get maple syrup that had been aged in even harder to get Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels.  It was yummy! (Amy said she couldn't take the smell!)
 Morning boys!
 I love this one.
 Nothing much to do.
 We headed to the Northampton Days festival.  We didn't last long though, started to rain.
Jason came with us.

Back at home Aden and I did some experimenting.  I bought a device that connects to a computer then anything connected to it becomes a controller.  Touching the bananas played the piano.  I was able to play songs on the bananas, among other things.  There are some other cool things we are going to try like making a Mario Brother controller out of Play-Doh.
 Eva came to visit.  Both the girls ate all the baby's Puffs!
 Watching tv!
 Hey Noah!
 Such a good big cousin.
 I love snuggling with the babies.

 Have a great weekend!

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