Monday, September 7, 2015


It's Monday night at home and that means our Shore season is over for 2015.  We went into it not knowing how we would be able to do anything that we normally do with the twins around and even though things got a bit hectic at times, it was a great Summer.  Our families were a huge help, we couldn't have done it without them. It's amazing that our parent's Shore houses are a block apart and we can go back and forth so easily.  We loved spending so much time with everyone.  The kids especially loved being with the dogs and Eva.  There were a few things we didn't get to.  We didn't get on Jeff's boat or get to the casinos or the Greenhouse at night. Didn't walk on the boardwalk, eat at Hannah G's or Gilchrist.  But considering everything, just getting down there was a huge accomplishment.  The weather was amazing but we left on a sad note.  No more Jumiors doughnuts.  (besides the dozen I brought back and froze!)

Last week we had two birthday parties.  Our neighbor Alex turned 2 and she had quite the party.  Her parents went all out.  There were animals at their house!  Lots of animals!
 We all loved playing with them.

Big and little animals.  I see turtles, bunnies, guinea pig.
It was hot out.
So the boys went inside to cool off and we went inside to pig out.  They got yummy barbecue.

Plenty of stuff to keep the kids cool.
What is that Eli?
Watch out Ariel!  They are coming for you!

They also had an ice cream truck.  I had to try everything offered.

Time for the animals to leave.  They opened the cage and they just walked in a line to the truck!
It was very cute.

Ariel had the right idea.
Happy Birthday Alex!!!
Worn out from all the excitement.
Aden and the other neighbor boys went a little crazy but I bet it felt good.  
Ariel found someone to push her on the swing.  She has no shame.
Having fun Aden?
Here's another party.  It was for Aden's friend Jared.  
It was a magic party at the Richboro Pub.
Where did that rabbit come from?  (Maybe Alex's backyard)
Ariel was the magician's assistant!
Then the kids got to play unlimited games.  Amanda took care of Ariel.
Aden loved getting the tickets.
That's one way to play skee ball.
Jaime gave me a hand with the babies.
Good night!

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