Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ready to Boycott Soccer

Hope everyone has an easy fast tomorrow!  Last Saturday we all got up early for soccer.
Practice was at 8:30.  We really have to discuss that with the coach. Thankfully Aden went with Ben so I could help Amy get everyone else ready.

 I think they look so professional!
 All our buddies on the sideline.
 Including a huge dog.
 9:30.  Game time.  Aden played his old buddy Reid's team.

 Aden and Reid head to head!
 Reid had a bit of an advantage.
 Chillin' after the game.

 Getting washed for bed.  Everything is so much better now that they can sit up.  
 Time to eat!
 Hanging in the basement.
 The little ones watching the big ones play video games.

 Looks like they are talking to each other.

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