Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Amy Finally Gets Her Soup!

It's Wednesday night and we are back from Back to School Night. We got to meet Aden's teacher and see the work he's done so far and what he is going to do.  We also got to reconnect with old friends.  Aden starts soccer tomorrow and when talking to all the parents, we found that 7 of his friends are on the team!  This poor coach!  It's such a nice school, we are happy we live here.  

Back to last Friday.  Ariel somehow ended up in Eli's bed.

Finally the beach.  We had been at the shore for over a week and this was the second time we went to the beach.
My kids stay as far from the water as possible.
Of course Ariel made a friend.

Eva joined in one the fun.

I love how it says "no ball playing" in huge letters on all the lifeguard stands, but everyone is always playing with balls.
My little watermellon.

Share with your cousin!
This is what they will miss about the summer.
A quick dip.
Poor Amy had been stuck at home all day waiting for the hot water to be fixed.  It was the gas company that finally had to dig up the sidewalk to fix the pipe.  

Good thing Amy's dad wasn't around to see this!
Who are you looking at?
I went and picked up food from Smith's Clam Bar for me and the girls.  Yummy.  Glad we decided to pick up, it was an hour and a half wait to sit!

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