Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Holland Mudcats

It's Thursday night and Amy just had her Mother's Day present. She went for a massage and I got the kids to sleep!  She did most of the work with the babies before she left but I got the rest to sleep and cleaned the kitchen!  Yay me!  Back to last weekend.  

Ariel had Avery's 4th birthday party at the Mermaid Art Studio in Ambler, which is really far, but a cute town.  
The birthday girl was very colorful.
Face painting. 

Ariel didn't know anyone but she made friends.
 They did a bunch of art projects.

This was cool.  Swirl art.

Howard and I.
After Ariel's game she went to play with a new neighbor.

Then it was Aden's turn for pictures.
Clowning around with his buddies.

Setting up the shot.
 The Mudcats.

 I thought this was cute.  Check out the back...

Aden's game.  I missed the beginning while Ariel and I were at Avery's party.  So most of these pics came from another dad.
 Aden missed that one.
 Aden played catcher.  
 And first base!

 Got 'em!

 The babies watched the game closely.
 Have a great weekend!

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