Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

It's Wednesday night.  Everyone is asleep including Amy. Thursday is Amy's birthday!  We are all excited.  Especially the twins!  Friday is our anniversary so that night we will have a date night to celebrate what an amazing women, wife and mother she is.  People who have spent any time alone with the twins instant realizes that Amy is a super mom.  She's the one that keeps us together and happy and healthy.  She's the one that tirelessly works around the house (I can't imagine what the floors and counters in the kitchen would look like without her) and still finds time for a rousing game of Candy Land.  I wish my love the best birthday.  She deserves it!
Back to last week.  Baseball!

 Aden playing catcher.  I think he actually caught a few balls for a change.

 Then he played 3rd and had a couple of balls come his way.

 Eli loves to watch.

The twins are all about the push toys now.
 Their either push Aden.

 Or each other.

 Ariel picked out this outfit and dressed herself!

 Ok, now it's mostly just Eli pushing Noah.  They go in circles around the kitchen.

 Eating Chinese food.
 Eli's first tomato!
 Ariel loved the soup and noodles.
The End.

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