Monday, May 23, 2016

Garden State Discovery Museum

It's Monday night and we are hoping to not have to go to the hospital.  Ariel fell playing tonight and says she can't bend her arm and that it hurts.  She fell asleep so hopefully that's a good sign.  All the neighbor kids were out tonight.  In between the thunderstorms it was actually warm and everyone just wanted to get out.  This was Ariel's class trip last week to the Garden State Discovery Museum.  

Getting ready to go.  Each kid needed a parent.
So excited.
This was probably her first time on a school bus.
Ariel and Chloe.

Trenton Makes The World Takes.
We made it!  About 45 minutes away in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

First lunch.

Then bubble show!

Adrian was inside a huge bubble!
We learned how bubbles are made.  Down to the molecules!

Then it was time to run around the museum.  What a fun, huge place.  Turtles!

We made some pizza.

Climbed some walls.

The sports area was cool.


The dinosaur room.

The art studio.

The girls got dressed up and put on a play for us.

A view of the whole place.
Ariel is usually scared of this thing but she went for it!

Let's take care of the animals.

The kids served us some good milk shakes!

A little drawing before we left.
Ariel bought magic rocks.  Chloe's dad told her that if she listened to mommy and daddy and held the rocks tight before bed, she would get her wish.  She wanted them to turn her into a fairy.  The next morning she came in disappointed she wasn't any different.  She told me to text Noah to see if she was doing something wrong because she thought she listened and squeezed hard.  She then said text him again to make sure he was serious!
Everyone was thankfully mellow on the ride home.

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