Friday, May 13, 2016

15 Months!

It's Thursday night and the twins are 15 months old!  They are growing up so fast!  They are really becoming part of the family and have to be involved with everything going on.  People always ask what it's like to have 4 kids.  Until now, I really felt like it was
more like 2 older kids and 2 babies but not anymore.  We have 4 big kids and they are amazing to watch together.

 Back to last weekend.  Aden had a painting party.

 The boys love to cook.
 Ariel did some nice watercolors.  
 Aden helping to make cookies.  Ariel wasn't so sure.

 I think Eli is bigger than Ariel now!
 Are those cookies ready yet?
 Playing outside while Aden was at his party.

 Ariel ran around with the boys next door.
 Let us out!
 Some intense Candy Land with grandmom and grandpop.
 Back to those water colors.
 We tried out the bouncer to see if they still fit.
 The sitters can still use this when they need to deal with one of the babies.
 Getting ready for Mother's Day!

 Amy and I went to a nice Greek restaurant in New Jersey.  
 When we got back, the babies were up!  Oh well.  I'm going to bed.  Have a great weekend!

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