Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Churchville Nature Center

Here's a big post.  And it only get's us through last Wednesday so I'm still a week behind.  Last Monday night Aden's school had an outdoor concert.  It's so nice we can walk over.  
There was a big crowd.

 The twins liked listening to the music.

Eli made friends.

Picnic dinner.
The older kids cared more about playing.
 Early morning cuddles.
Then a sing a long.
All my boys playing soccer.  
Reading in our bed Wednesday morning.
Then playing with Ariel.
Aden's class had a trip to the Churchville Nature Center up the street.  I always love seeing the kids in class.

We were able to walk there which was cool.  We had a police escort which the kids loved.
Aden was so excited to have me there.
I grew up right up the street but I had never been there before.
 It was an amazing place!
 So many bugs and animals and birds to see.  
 Hug the tree!
 This tree recently fell over so the kids got to see what's under a tree.

Count the rings.
 The little lake was full of turtles.  The building in the distance is a bat house!

 This is how they used to keep food cool before refrigerators.  Cool water comes into the building from the lake.  
 This is a reservoir.  
 It's an emergency backup for the Philadelphia water supply.  

Then we went through the garden.
 The sell wild flowers.
 The kids got to scrape up the bottom of the ponds and dump what they got into buckets and look for insects!

See the snake?
 It was a fun trip!

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