Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bounce Around

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  Today is all a blur as we hosted a big brunch so I hope all the women in my life had great days! There was some strange giant yellow ball in the sky today.  I missed the rain!  Not.  Ok, it's late and I'm tired so let's just finish off last weekend.  

Sunday morning we met Amy's cousins for brunch at the Churchville Inn.  This is weirdly the only picture I took.
Then I took Ariel to a party at Skyzone.  I was worried she might be a little small for the place.  Where is everyone?
 There they are.
 It was a huge crowd.
Ariel got right to jumping.

I also brought Aden and his friend Brody.  
They got into a dodgeball game and played there for over an hour!
 It was hard on me having to run around to keep checking on all the kids.

 Ariel loved the place.


 She liked jumping into the foam pits and didn't want to get out.  The girl had to keep yelling at her!

 I wish I had taped this conversation.  Ariel was hysterical with the boys.

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