Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Holland Thunder

It's Wednesday night.  For some reason Aden is sitting on the sofa behind me refusing to go upstairs.  He says he saw something on Youtube that scared him.  All I can say is that he hasn't slept with us in at least 5 years and it's not starting tonight.  What a cool, rainy, dreary day.  Aden's baseball was cancelled.  I'm glad we have had two quiet night's in a row but I am ready for it to get hot.

My buddy Eli.
Eli was in charge of Burghy.

Uh Eli, you let his face get caught.

Everyone gathered around the piano.
Saturday was a crazy day.  We started with Ariel's baseball pictures at 9.  
All lined up by height.  At least Ariel wasn't the smallest!
It's like herding cats.
 What a team!

 My baseball champ.
 We had some time before her game to play around at the baseball festival.  That was one scary Spongebob.

 The guy had to carry Ariel to the top.
 She did better in here.
 It was freezing.  The guys in the dunk tank were nuts.  Ariel wanted to try.
 At 10 she had her game.  Ariel's friend Jaycen was on the other team.  They kept hugging and talking the whole game.

 I know you have seen similar pics.  I just love them.

 Making a play!

 A little cotton candy treat.  

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