Sunday, May 22, 2016

Holy Cow Judy is 50

It's Sunday night and we are hoping for it to be undisturbed.  Eli has been getting up the last few nights and Aden and Ariel got up last night.  It was a pretty busy weekend.  It was supposed to rain during the day yesterday, but it didn't, so both the kids had their baseball games.  I was kind of hoping for a break.  Today, I took Ariel, Aden and Ben next door to Diggerland for a birthday party.  I will have many thoughts on that place later.  Back to last Sunday.  

Good morning Eli.
How's that walking coming?
This was across the street.  The sign said Holy Cow Judy is 50.  She must have killed him.
After Hebrew School, we went to Briarwood Day Camp for an Israeli Festival.  It was our first time there.  It was a pretty impressive place.

 Ok, Ariel wasn't impressed.  
 The falafel stand was busy.
 Aden wasn't impressed either.

We met up with Todd and Chad and families.
 Aden was excited to see both rabbis there.  They played soccer with him.

 Then Amy took Ariel to a birthday party at a gym.
 Amy took a few pictures.

 Aden had a laser tag party at the NAC.

The next few posts will be huge so get ready!

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