Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Welcome Elliot!

It's Wednesday night.  There were glimpses of sun but mostly it was cool and dreary today.  This is the worst Spring I can remember.  We are so close to Memorial Day.  This isn't right.  Well anyway, let's bring up the mood.  Our dear friends in Florida welcomed baby Elliot, little brother to Henry, last Friday.  We are thrilled for them!
 So sweet!
 Last Thursday, Ariel had a slice of pizza bigger than her before practice.
It had been a while since they had practice.

 As long as she smiles.

Friday night we went to synagogue for tot shabbat and an Israeli celebration.

Eli insisted on cutting his falafel himself.
He actually did a really good job.  
Aden was not thrilled to be there until they set up the Ga Ga court. Then he was all business.
They had some activities for the kids.
Last year they had a professional dancer to coordinate things.  This year the Israeli dancing was a bit sad.  Even Noah was bored.
Noah asked her to dance but she was busy eating.
Saturday morning we found this.  The boys had been passing the ball back and forth and it got stuck!
Free at last!

Ariel had a morning tee ball game.  
She made a play in the field!

I know you have seen pictures like these but I just think she looks so cute in her oversized jersey.  I also love her enthusiasm.  

 She got tired by the end.  We need to get back for Aden's game!

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