Thursday, May 26, 2016


Has anyone with Verizon Wireless notice that their reception is getting worse?  I can barely use my phone these days.  How is it possible we are a day before Memorial Day Weekend?  Well it finally feels like summer anyway.  Today I went with Aden's class to the Franklin Institute.  Besides the hour trip each way in a non-air conditioned school bus, it was a very fun trip.  

Back to last weekend.  I took Aden and Ariel to the carnival at the Neshaminy Mall.  You may recall us going the last couple of years too.  When we have gone in the past, it was usually during the week and early.  We would pretty much be the only people there.  Not tonight.  It was Friday and it was late and it was so crowded I can't believe how far away we had to park.  The line to get the ride tickets was around the entire carnival so I didn't get them any.  Just games tonight.

 This was the ticket line.
 The games are all expensive, at least $5 to play and impossible to win.  

 Super strong Aden!

 Not so much Ariel.

 We ran into Aden's friend Cheyanne.
 The closet we came to rides.
 Of course they wanted tattoos.  This is now a week later and Aden's is still going strong!

It doesn't take much to make her happy.
Saturday was supposed to be a rain out but it ended up being nice enough that the kids had their games.  We were kind of hoping they would be cancelled.  Ariel actually slept through hers.

Some action shots.

 Getting better at catcher.  I always played catcher in my career.  

 That night we had Andy, Alicia, Devin and Brendan over for dinner.  The kids all got along nicely.

 Andy had to block the stairs for the babies.
 Everyone have a great holiday weekend!

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