Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Double Downward Facing Dog

It's Tuesday night.  Eli had his catheter removed today.  He was all smiles after.  They told us to soak him as much as possible.  We thought he would be much better in the bath but he still screamed the whole time.  We aren't sure why.  Thankfully Ariel's baseball was cancelled so we had a nice quiet night.  We even had some hot, gooey lava cake!

These are kind of hard to make out but lots of cuddling going on in bed.

Morning Eli!
Loving their house.

All six of us went to Ariel's game.  
 The girl section of the team.
 I know it's a lot of pictures and you have seen similar ones before but I just think Ariel looks so cute in her uniform.

 What a belly.

 Aden helped with the base running.
 Aden took this picture.
 Phew.  Tough game.

 Good game guys.
Some Rita's Water Ice for snack.
They love looking out the window.  Keeps them busy while we sleep.
 We made smores!  They came out yummy.
 Downward Facing Dog times two.
 My little buddy.  Had such a tough week.

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