Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"A" Your Adorable

It's way too late Wednesday night and I really need to go to sleep. Here are some random pics and videos from last week.  

The boys like to get into trouble together.

 Amy went to school for the Mother's Day celebration. These are her pictures and videos.

My grandmother and her sister sign this all the time.

Ariel's thoughts on mommy.
They get up themselves now.

 Aden and the neighbors leaving for school.  The azaleas are blooming.  Don't blink.  They will be gone soon till next year.
 Loving their house.

 Sweet picture.

 Standing up!  This is where Ariel learned to walk not that long ago.  
 That's my cousin Lisa in the middle.  Caught her on the news!
 Practicing our walking.  He's trying really hard.
 The End!

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