Monday, May 9, 2016

Boys and their Balls

It's Monday night and we are back into the swing of things.  The big kids had school and dance.  The babies did baby things.  Let's go back to last week.

The babies showed off their walking skills to my grandmother.
We went to the neighbor's house but Ariel's friend wasn't there.  The kids made themselves at home anyway.
Music class.  
Nate seems so big compared to the twins.
 Noah, wearing Aden's clothes, and Michael.  
 The twins love balls.
 Eli checking out the stained glass with his friends.

 Sweet face.

 Nate really wants that guitar.
So we took Eli to get out his catheter.  The urology practice shares it's offices with a bariatric center.  It's where they do weight loss surgery.
 The chairs and doorways were extra wide!

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