Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Aden vs. Brody

I know.  More baseball.  But this is it for a while.  Neither kid has played since early last week because of all the rain.  Aden was pretty excited to play against his buddy Brody.  
But first a fun surprise for a bunch of the boys.  Mrs. Gainsley from first grade walked by.  They were so excited.
A little practice.

 Time to start.  Aden was up first.
 And got a big hit!

He made it home.
 That's Brody catching.
 It's cool to have both friends on opposite teams in the same shot.
Brody won this round.  Aden struck out.
 This time Aden was catching behind Brody.
 Let's just say he was catcher, not necessarily that he caught any balls thrown his way.
Dr. Ariel and Policeman Sammy hard at work on their trauma patient.
 Then they packed their bags for some reason.
 I may have mentioned that Aden does not eat any meat or vegetables.  I think I told you that he ate some meatballs at the Passover seder.  That prompted my mom to make a huge batch of meatballs.  Aden ate them 3 nights in a row!
 This firehouse has seen a lot of action over the last 7 years or so.

Aden got a special treat.  Gluten free lava cake from Williams Sonoma.  I promise many more fun baby pictures the next couple of posts!

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