Sunday, May 1, 2016


It's Sunday night.  Phew we did a lot this weekend.  The weather hasn't been that great though.  We have been squeezing in most of the baseball in spite of it.  Eli is still healing.  We can't wait till he gets the catheter out on Tuesday.  Let's finish off last weekend. 

Saturday afternoon, Aden and Ben went to a Pokemon class.  They have really been getting into playing with the cards.
 Noah tearing apart Ariel's closet.
 Saturday night, we went to Melissa and Mark's for the Passover seder.  
The boys got a head start.  They loved the matzoh balls.

 Feeding the dog.
 Aden eats almost no meat.  For some reason he really loved the meatballs and kept asking for more!
 The kids had fun.
 Eli doesn't know what to make of Howard.
 Sunday morning, we got a sitter and took the older kids to see The Jungle Book.  We haven't been to the Oxford Valley theater in a while.  Huge, reclining seats.  We all loved the movie, although Ariel ended up in my lap whenever the Tiger got scary.

 The rest of the day we just played around.
 A new angle on the swing shots.

 Taking her doll for a ride.

 I love this!

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