Sunday, May 15, 2016

Everyone Look At The Camera!

It's the Sunday night of a crazy weekend.  Last night Amy and I were transported back to the 80's.  More on that later.  Yesterday we had 2 baseball games and today 2 birthday parties and an Israeli festival.  Things aren't getting any easier this week or next weekend when we start Amy's birthday celebrations.  We are also less than 2 weeks till the Shore!  Unbelievable.  Didn't feel like it today.  It was freezing!  Let's finish off last weekend.

The boys are up!

 I tried to get a picture of the kids.  It's way too hard.  I get so jealous of the my friends with older kids because it's possible to get everyone to smile and look at once.

 Aden gave up.
 Brunch time!  Notice anything similar between Eli and my grandmother?

 We need our boys to start chasing around Nate.
 What's so funny?
Mark and his girls.

Bagels anyone?

Ariel wanted to know why she couldn't have 2 swords like Sammy.
 A little lunch date.
 Noah showing Melissa how to walk.

 Ariel entertained us.

 Silly Todd.
 Ariel and Sammy drove off.
 Who is that blocking the road?
 It's Alex and Ben!
 Ariel and Sam stole their car!
 The boys drove much better than...
 the girls.

Up to the school.
They had a lot of fun together!

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