Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ariel and Nemo

Day 2 of camp went well.  We weren't sure if Ariel would make it.  She was so tired last night then had a very fitful sleep.  She got into to bed with us to drink her milk in the morning and fell asleep.  She then got her second wind and was exited to go.  Amy visited camp today and got to observe the kids a little.  They have the same lunch and when Ariel saw Aden she started crying.  He was good and hung out with her a little and got her back to her bunk.  

These are the rest of last week.  We went to the Marketfair Mall in Princeton to meet Princess Ariel.  First we had a yummy dinner at Bobby's Burgers.  
 That was a thick milkshake.
 The mall was packed.
 We got in line.
 Mark, Melissa and Eva joined us.

 Best buds.

 We finally got to meet Ariel and strangely enough, Nemo.
 They had some crafts for the kids to do.

 The girls and their backpacks.
 Hey Eli!
 Aden is doing his book club at the Newtown Bookstore for the third year in a row.  He wasn't happy to go at first but he enjoyed himself.
 Skating in the rain.
 My family came for dinner.  My grandmother cannot get enough of the twins.

 She sang, he danced.

Aden's new game is Sorry!  That brings back memories.
 A little pre camp playdate with the cousins.
 It was too nice to eat inside.

 We are thinking of getting rid of the pavers and getting a deck.

 These kids have a rough life.

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