Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pink Nails on the Left, Orange on the Right

It's Wednesday night.  We made some progress tonight in teaching Aden to ride a bike.  Ariel is actually doing better.  He did fall and bang up his knees and hands which might be a set back.  He says he's too injured to go to camp tomorrow.  How is it possible the first week of camp is almost over!?!  Let's get to last weekend.  

Ariel is the queen of the nail salon.  She picks some crazy, not-matching colors.
 The twins are ready to ride!

I have some longer videos of Noah walking but this is one of the early ones.  

Mmmmm.  Mashed potatoes.

 Eli is still pushing Noah around.
 The boys got into the vaseline.
 Looking tall!
Saturday, I took the older kids to the NAC to swim.  Ariel found her friend Elizabeth right away.

 Aden made a nice friend.  

 It was a hot sunny day and the place was pretty crowded.  

 Me and my girlie.

Someone go wiped out.
Ice cream is a good enough reason to wake up.

We had a fun time but had to get back to mommy and the babies.

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