Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

It's Thursday night.  I'm proud of myself.  Starting the get some long ignored projects done around the house.  The garage looks awesome if I say so.  I'm watching Battlebots with Aden now. Nothing like seeing killer robots fighting each other through the eyes of an 8 year old.  These will finish off last weekend.  

Sunday morning was Father's Day!  The babies were excited and woke us up early.  

The big kids brought me my presents.  
Let's just say I have a smooth face.
My dad gave me his old bike, so I went for my first bike ride at the shore in years.  It was nice to get out  alone for a few minutes.
Then I took Ariel to the playground.

 The boys wanted out but it was too hot and I was too tired.
 Father's Day brunch!  Am I the luckiest guy!
 The twins entertained everyone.
We all had fun hanging out.

The dogs liked my dad.

Beach time!  It was pretty crowded.  

 Eli is our first baby that actually doesn't seem to mind the beach.

 This was a first.

It got really cold.

So we headed out.
 Quick trip to the pool.

Ariel was practicing being a witch.
This was always my job.  I'm glad to pass it on!
We block the stairs with the ottoman and Eli still got up.
Have a great weekend!

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