Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Drop the Bottle

It's Tuesday night.  All is thankfully quiet.  I'm going to take advantage and go to bed early.  

These will finish off last week.  We had dinner at Tony's.  I got a half decent picture of the kids.  
The older kids went swimming at the neighbor's house.
 There's Carly!  Thankfully on the other side of the fence.
 The water was cold but they didn't care.

 Why aren't I in there?

 Standing next to daddy.

The boys love to tease us.

 Goodbye old mattress!  My neighbor helped me take it out and it was gone in the morning!
 Playing at Jason and Ryan's house.
 Oh, this is new!
 Don't know where to look first!

 I want to see what the big boys are doing.

 Good night!

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