Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Wow it was cool today, after the crazy thunderstorms.  Amy was home with the babies when they lost power.  So did Aden's school. It was out for about 2 hours.  She said the babies seemed confused. We went up to Aden's school for an ice cream social in honor of departing Principal Andy Sanko.  We will miss him.  We also set up our Casper mattress tonight.  I will report on that later.

Last Saturday was super busy.  Aden had a baseball game.  Both older kids had birthday parties and we went to the NAC to swim and eat.  Here are two of those things:

It was crazy hot at baseball.  Jack's parents brought a tent to sit under.  
We moved it over the dugout for the kids.
Nice and cool.
Jack and his dad Coach Mike.
Aden was excited to bat.  He was matching his warmup swings with Ben who was at bat.

 Look at that face.

 He struck out and was very upset.  He threw his helmet.  Coach Mike gave him a pep talk.
Playing the field.

Getting ready to play catcher.

 Good job Aden!
 Our first time back to the NAC pool this season.  We got there really late, after 6.
We figured it was enough time for a quick meal and some swimming.
The twins didn't get out of the stroller and didn't complain.
Aden and Ariel went right in.  For once, it wasn't that cold.

 Aden usually avoids this, I'm surprised he ran through.
 Amy throwing a ball to Aden.
 Ariel made friends, of course.

 We stayed till 8.
The kids took showers and put on their pajamas there.  That made it easier when we got home.

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