Monday, June 27, 2016

Falcon Wing Doors

Today was Aden and Ariel's first day of camp.  Ariel was so excited to go she was in our room dressed before 7.  They both thankfully had a lot of fun.  We also got to see Adam and Brianna and Elaine and Maura and Madi today so it was quite busy.  These are from last week.  Double trouble in the morning.

 They work together in their mischief.
 Noah can sit there for a long time trying to stack the cups.  Not so much Eli.

Finally cleaned out the garage.
 We visited camp so Ariel could see it.  
The old bunk plaques.  
 One of Amy's!

 A tour by the owner.
New things to climb.

Test driving a Tesla Model X.
The kids sure liked it.

 Falcon Wing Doors.
 They grabbed the kitchen and dragged it to the real kitchen.

 Nice to see Eli doing his chores.

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