Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Awesome Birthday Partys"

These will finish off last week and get us to the weekend.  Ariel needed to be dragged to tee ball but it was worth it, she had a good time.  

 Big hit!

 She has no idea what she's doing in the field but she looks cute!

 The twins got around.
 Eli talked to everyone.
 I threw balls around with Aden in the field.
 How much bigger is this kid?
 The girls.

 Practicing our walking.
 Look who is standing.

 Making the play at first base.
 We celebrated a big win at Rita's.
 These are some random wandering around the neighborhood shots.

 Hi Jason!

 New and improved trampoline.

 Hi Carly!
 Good morning Eli!

 Working on art projects.  
 Aden was trying to lock in his birthday party.
 Aden's picture of Amy.

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