Friday, June 10, 2016

Old Lady Train

Well that was a pretty crazy weekend. Friday night we made smores with the neighbors. Saturday morning Aden went to his buddie Jake's party at Ultra Zone Laser Tag. Then he had his final baseball game where for some reason they decided to allow walks so it took forever and it was unbearably hot. We went right from the game to the shore!  That was a last minute call. The shore was pretty mellow but we got lots of family time. 

Playing in Ariel's room last Sunday morning.  

 We took the kids to visit my grandmother and her sister.  They were so excited we came.  We had lunch at their cafeteria.

 Help, there are so many old people here!
 We let the boys stretch out.

 The old ladies had fun chasing them around.

 Wow!  Is that really my family!  I did pretty well!
 Ariel got a ride.
 Then Eli took her for a ride.

 Noah joined in.

The older kids were nice to her for a change.
 This was Aden's poster about himself when he was in Ariel's class 3 years ago.
And here is Ariel's.  We were a bit late turning it in.
 Amy and I got a new mattress.  Would you believe there is a king sized mattress in that box?  
 The box was close to 100 pounds.  We all had to work together to get it up.
 The old mattress developed a ridge down the middle.  I could barely see Amy from my side.
 Out of the box.  It's a memory foam mattress that all the air was sucked out of.
 I cut the plastic wrap and it popped out.  
 Within seconds it was huge!
 They said it would take time to adjust but we liked it right away.
 The boys are obsessed with the vacuum.

 Ariel had her own cart shopping.  As you can see she got all the essentials.
 She can do all our shopping. That's fine with us.

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