Sunday, June 5, 2016

Expensive Ice Cream

It's Sunday.  It was supposed to be a washout so we stayed home from the shore.  Saturday was hot and sunny and today was warm and dry until after dinner when it rained for an hour.  That was it. We know so many things that were cancelled because the horribly wrong forecast.  We did have some fun, which I will get to eventually.  Back to last Sunday at the shore.

The boys (and the big kids) slept well thankfully.  Eli wanted out!
Hey Stella.  The boys chased the dogs around the whole time.
Very sweet.  Grandpa and Ariel.
Yes, Juniors is back!  I had never been so happy to be in a line!
Got there just as they were bringing in the fresh doughnuts they make out back.
 Chocolate glazed.  Like father, like daughter.  
We finally made it to the beach!  The twins did really well.  We just plopped them down on the blanket and they seemed content to sit there.
 Aden and Ariel played with Jake by his house.

 It was foggy!
Eli was standing!  
 Ariel went by herself to get ice cream.  If course she ran off before the ice cream man gave her the change so he had to follow her back. 
Nothing like a banana fudge.  Then you really know summer is back.
Loving it.

 Noah was hungry!

 We had food delivered to the beach.  
 Aden was very helpful.
Right Eli?

 The water was way too cold to go near so we headed to my parent's pool.

 The boys went right in.
 And floated around on their own!

 My 4 babies!

 That night we went to dinner with my parents.  We ran into my grandmother's friends.  They tried to entertain the kids.

 We finally made it to the Margate Dairy Bar.
 We got 2 kiddie cups and it was more than $10!
 Amy and I didn't even get any!
 That was a fun night!

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