Thursday, June 16, 2016

Laser Tag

Why does the summer go so quickly?  It's already Thursday night again.  Tomorrow is Ariel's last day of school.  The kids still have a week before camp.  Any fun activities we can do?  These pictures are from last Saturday.  It was quite a busy day.  First Amy took Ariel to her last t-ball game.

Proud of her trophy.
I took Aden to his buddy Jake's birthday party at Ultra Zone laser tag.

 Jake goes to a different school so Aden had new kids to meet.

Armed and ready.
It was a cool place.  We played kids against adults.

 Then it was time for Aden's last game.

It was crazy hot out.
 They decided to play walks for the last game so it took forever!

Aden made some plays at first.

 Hit that ball!
 They had a very good season.
 We then drove to straight to the shore!  That's a lot of bikes!
 We went right to my parent's house for a barbecue.  The kids had some new toys to play with.
 Aden ate some hamburger and hot dog.  Yay.

 Nice to be back!
 Some ice cream before bed.  Have a great weekend!

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