Thursday, June 2, 2016

Did You Miss Us Margate?

Our first Shore pics of 2016!  These are from last Saturday.  We stayed home Friday night to go out for our 9th anniversary. Saturday morning, Eli was standing up in bed! It's hard to tell but he's not holding on! 
We packed up the car and headed down around 10.  It took like an hour and 45 minutes, which was great.  The kids didn't bother us. We went right to my parent's house for lunch.
I wonder if the boys remember this place.  

Lots of new things to explore.   

Aden and grandpop got right into the giant Lego set.
It's too nice to be inside!
The older kids swam and Amy and I took the babies back to her parents for a nap.
 When I got back, Ariel was done and wanted to go for a walk.
We headed to the beach.
It was really chilly standing on my parent's porch.  We had sweatshirt and were cold.  Before we drove over the Margate Bridge, the car said 82 degrees.  On the other side of the bridge it was 70 and windy.  We saw lots of people headed to the beach though.  On holiday weekends people go to the beach no matter what.  If it was snowing they would go.
There is Greg and Bailey!
 It's hard to tell but the beach was packed.  It was actually warmer on the beach than it was a couple of blocks in.  

 Aden's favorite car.  

We then went to hang on Judy and Steve's porch.

 Big boy Brody.

 Someone said Eli is my mini me.
 We stayed in that night.  
 The babies loved the dogs.

 We brought in food and got all the kids to bed early.

 I had to make a WaWa run and saw the mass of humanity in front of the Dairy Bar.  Have a great weekend!

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