Monday, June 6, 2016

Rainy Memorial Day

Aden had his field day today.  He had so much fun. They really had a beautiful day.  Aden was wiped out after school. Tonight was the end of dance for the kids till September.  Aden and Ariel both got their camp counselors.  It's starting so soon!  Three weeks from today.  Ok, let's finish off the Labor Day Weekend.  Yes, we are still on that.  I'm hoping to catch up this week.

We slept at my parent's house.  It worked out well.  All the kids slept through the night.  This was Monday morning.
 They were ready to get out.
 Not sure what Ariel was up to.
 We let them play while we packed.  It was pouring out so we just decided to go home.

 They were having too much fun.

 Draw me a picture Noah!
 We tried to play Candy Land.  
 They caused some havoc in the kitchen.

They watched as we packed the car.
 We stopped for lunch but made it home pretty quickly after.
 Happy to be back!
 Tuesday morning was nice and Ariel's class spent a lot of time outside.
 The girls were excited to show me what they were doing.

Some random pics from the week.
 Ariel is excited that daddy is going to see the Grateful Dead in a couple of weeks!
 The twins don't seem to mind the grass as much.

 I will end the post with a big toothy smile!

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