Thursday, June 30, 2016

Elmwood Park Zoo

It's Thursday night.  As tired as Aden and Ariel are from camp, we had a hard time getting them to bed.  How can the first week be almost done already?  Ariel comes home every day wanting to tell us about everything she did.  So different than Aden.  How sad is it that July 4th weekend is here?  That's when things really speed up and all the sudden it's back to school!

Before we get to the post, let's all wish Melissa the happiest and healthiest of birthdays!  We hope she get's everything she wishes for in this exciting year!
Saturday night the 6 of us met Bev for dinner in Lambertville, NJ.
 Playing with Aunt Bev.

The boys preferred the chalk to eat.
 We danced around the streets.
 We made it to the bridge over the Delaware River to New Hope, PA.  

 Nice views.

 I got all 4 to smile at once, yay!

Still working on an all 6 of us picture.
We ended the night with ice cream.
Sunday morning we had a reading club in bed.
Here was something new.  We went to the Elmwood Park Zoo for the first time.  It's really little but very nice.
 Eagle anyone?

 It was a very hot day but we found lots of shade.
 The twins loved the chickens for some reason.

 Crazy activities they had there besides the animals.
 The food was really good.

 Ariel could not wait to ride a horse.

I think we know what her next birthday present will be!
 Yes, Aden was attacked by a swan.

 The babies had to get out of the stroller.
 They had wine and beer!  Ariel's fake id didn't work.
 Sweet freedom!

 Noah walked all around.
And then made a mess of the gift shop.
Some Cheetos for the ride home.

 Everyone have a great holiday weekend! 

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