Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Graduating the 4's!

It's Tuesday morning.  Sorry I'm a little late with this post.  I didn't get home till 1 am this morning from the Dead show.  It was a beautiful night to law out on the lawn and listen to the Dead with John Mayer.  Very mellow set.  More on that later.  Last week, Ariel had her graduation from the 4's at Bucks County Community College.
There were 2 classes there.

 The boys would not sit still.
 The slide show was cute.

 This was the other class.  Lots of these kids were in Ariel's class either last year or 2 years ago including Ashley.

The twins reaction to the music. 

Ariel's class.  She's on the end.

 They did 2 songs.

 We have an escape!

 Mazel Tov Ariel!
 So excited.
 We tried to get them all to pose.  Oh well.


 Ariel and her buddy Chloe.
Here's a flashback.  Aden and Jake three years ago, the same night!
Some poses outside.

 We went with Chloe's family to dinner.  Big Noah liked holding little Noah.

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