Thursday, June 9, 2016

King Noah

It's Thursday night again.  I did a lot of cooking and we are just finishing cleaning up the kitchen.  Phew.  When you bake and cook it makes double the mess.  Tomorrow is Aden's last day of second grade.  That went fast.  Any ideas of what we can do with him the two weeks before camp starts?  Forget Aden, it's the twins that are driving us crazy.  They get into everything.  And now that they are confident in standing and almost walking, we can't even imagine what it's going to be like.  

Let's finish off last Saturday.  I really thought I was going to catch up but not this week.  It's actually good to be a little behind in case I forget to take pictures.  Anyway, we went to Maddie's 4th birthday party at the Little Gym in Oxford Valley.  It's right across the street from Sesame Place, which was packed!
Hey Eli!  The boys were a bit overwhelmed by all the kids running around.  
Let's start!

We practiced standing.

Ariel just ran around and did her own thing.

 More standing.
 King Noah!

 The boys were not thrilled with the bubbles.
Cinderella!  When Ariel told her her name, Cinderella said I know an Ariel!
 She really wants to do a gymnastics class.

 The twins were not digging this thing.
 Neither was Ariel.

The boys were good and ate in their seats.  They really loved the cake.
The happy family.
 Maddie is sweet!
Aden was at his friend Angelo's party.  
 Nice backyard.

 I think Aden took this picture of Mike, Nancy and I.
 Boys and their guns.

 Have a great weekend!

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