Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bertha Don't You Come Around Here Anymore

It's Sunday night and we did not go to the shore mostly because Amy and I needed a break.  That's not something that I ever would have agreed to in the past but traveling with 4 kids including 2 babies is very hard.  Everyone is getting older and easier everyday so I'm not worried.  We kept it low key which we probably really needed.  Noah is just about totally walking!  Eli takes like 1 step so he shouldn't be too far behind.  Let's try and make it before 17 months!

Monday night I went to see the latest incarnation of the Grateful Dead in Camden.  We were down there by 4 to tailgate.  (they used to call it camping)  It was crazy hot.  
 I was first with Lou and Lee but others soon joined us.
 I like the Dead flag in front of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.
 Time to head in.  
 Remember when lawn seats were $10?  They are now $50 with service charge.  

 They started at 7:15.  They have always been that way.  Starting on time and usually half the place is empty because everyone is still outside partying.
 I ran into a bunch of people.  Here's Craig.
 Here's cousin Jessie.  
 Sunset over Philadelphia.

 That's Pierre Robert the old Philadelphia rock dj doing interviews.
 John Mayer has been taking Jerry Garcia's spot and doing an amazing job.  

A couple of quick clips of John Mayer jamming.  Man can he play. 

Ariel and her castle.
 Playing outside.

 Aden got a new bike and we are trying to teach him to ride it.

 Down the hill to give him some confidence.
 My dad loves teaching Aden new things.

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